Conservatory Roofs

A conservatory roof is crucial to your conservatory’s overall performance and aesthetic. At Ayrshire Trade Frames, we offer a range of high-quality conservatory roofs, from traditional glazed roofs to solid and tiled options.

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Our conservatory roofs offer unmatched quality, merging aesthetic appeal with superior durability.

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A well-chosen roof can dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory, making it a more comfortable space to use throughout the year. Whether replacing an old roof or choosing one for a new greenhouse, our team can guide you to the best solution for your needs.

Conservatory Roofs

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Conservatory Roofs Projects

Maximise Year-Round Comfort and Energy Savings with Our Thermally Efficient Conservatory Roofs

In addition to their practical benefits, our conservatory roofs also enhance the look of your conservatory. With various styles and finishes available, you can choose a roof that complements your conservatory and your home’s overall architecture.

Conservatory Roof faq's

Conservatory roofs can be made from various materials, including glass, polycarbonate, and solid or tiled roofing. The choice often depends on your aesthetic preference, budget, insulation needs, and desired light intake.

Glass roofs offer superior clarity and thermal efficiency compared to polycarbonate. They also reduce noise from rain. Polycarbonate roofs, however, are often cheaper and more resistant to impact. Both have their merits depending on your specific needs.

Yes, it is possible to replace an existing conservatory roof. This could be to upgrade to a more thermally efficient glass or to switch from a polycarbonate to a solid or tiled roof. It’s recommended to seek professional advice to ensure structural integrity.

In most cases, you do not need planning permission to replace the roof on your conservatory as it falls under permitted development rights. However, it is important to check with your local planning authority for any exceptions.

A conservatory roof that is not primarily made of glass or polycarbonate is called a solid or tiled roof. This type of roof can be fully solid or have some integrated glazing. By using a solid or tiled roof, a conservatory can feel more like a traditional room and improve thermal efficiency.

Conservatories with solid or tiled roofs offer better thermal insulation, reducing noise from rain or wind, providing more shade, and integrating seamlessly with the house.

While a solid or tiled roof may reduce light levels compared to glass or polycarbonate, this doesn’t necessarily mean your conservatory will be too dark. You can include roof windows or combine them with plenty of side glazing to ensure adequate light.

The cost of replacing a conservatory roof varies widely depending on the material chosen, your conservatory’s size and design, and the installation’s complexity.

It is important to regularly clean and inspect your conservatory roof for damage or leaks. If the roof is made of glass, periodic professional cleaning may be necessary to remove stubborn dirt or algae.

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